Our Products

We are American Pad-Ex, Inc., based in southern California and nationwide, through our extensive licensee network, we have become specialists in providing clean, sanitized and restored floor care pads, wet mops, dust mops, microfiber mops and carpet bonnets to the environmental service technicians in hospitals and other medical, nursing and convalescent centers. Our rental, sale, laundering and delivery services are custom designed to meet your facility’s particular requirements. Pad-Ex can provide you with a complete or partial rental program. This includes the furnishing of specified reusable’s, their cleaning, pickup and delivery service or we can sell and launder your inventory. Additionally, we will personalize your inventory with labels identifying your facility. We also offer a laundry service for the patients clothing in the long term, sub acute care center. This includes the wash, dry and folding of the patients’ garments.

Pad-Ex’s proprietary floor pad reconditioning process restores most floor pads to a like new condition. This process can be repeated many times over the life of a pad, resulting in up to 50% or more savings for your department. We can even direct sell your product only to you. Our line currently includes most types, sizes and manufacturers of floor pads. These can be sold to you by the case or one pad at a time through our automatic replacement program.