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The Pad –Recycling Alternative

From those that strip to those that perform ultra-high speed buffing, floor pads are one of the most common consumable items in a professional cleaning operation. There’s no way to prevent wear and tear on a floor pad, and sooner or later, every pad will be a candidate for the trash bin. The problem: “FLOOR PADS ARE NOT BIODEGRADABLE AND ONLY FILL UP THE LAND FILLS. THUS DESTROYING OUR ENVIRONMENT, FURTHER.”

Not Just Cleaning – But Restoring

A better alternative would be to RECYCLE. You are throwing away money, and destroying our environment if you are not recycling. American Pad-Ex can put an end to both of these high cost problems. The American Pad-Ex way of recycling, does more then just clean the pads, it chemically restores them to their original condition so that they perform just as well as new pads.

Recycling As Restoration

Restorative chemicals bind and strengthen the pad’s fibers and introduce properties that increase the pad’s ability to create heat of friction on a floor. The heat of friction (or abrasion) is what causes a pad to perform its various jobs, from stripping to buffing.

Environmental Impact

There is at the present time a drive by most people in the United States to conserve our resources by recycling most items and materials. Our country is also making a serious effort to cut back on the use of imported oil. This massive drive by individuals, organizations, and government fits right into our floor maintenance pads recycling program. In the manufacturing process, pads require anywhere from 70% to 92% of oil by weight. It takes one gallon of crude oil to make one floor pad. A single pad, which is not biodegradable, will sit in the landfills for hundreds of thousands of years. By recycling the floor pads over its usable lifetime can save the use of one to two 55-gallon drums of imported oil. Another great advantage of using recycled pads, instead of new pads.


By recycling each floor pad just once using the Pad-Ex system, together we can save millions of gallons of oil per year and ease the strain on our environment.


American Pad-Ex, “The right thing to do!”